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Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce separates your back-end and front-end systems, allowing you to sell products on any platform (website, mobile, kiosk, ar, vr and IoT) without worrying about back-end integration, product management, customer management, orders. and payment.

Speed and Innovation

By separating the front-end and back-end, you can optimize the speed of your sales channel so that conversions will increase


Developers can make more flexible customizations that can provide a different experience for your e-commerce regardless of the sales channel

Central CMS

Manage products, customer data, orders and payments in one platform without worrying about API integration and maintenance


You can sell on various channels (website, mobile, kiosk, ar, vr and IoT) / omnichannel without worrying about the backend, just make a front-end on each channel you need

Familiar Technology

Headless Mayar uses the GraphQL API which you can pair with various front-end technologies such as React, Next, Vue and so on.

Recommended Framework for Headless Commerce

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