Mayar - Kelola pembayaran online untuk subscription, invoice, produk dan jasa super mudah

Subscription Box

Create a subscription sales system with ease. Focus on your business and products. Quickly launch your subscription box.

Enter the Market Faster

No more need to build a subscription management system and time-consuming billing. There is no need to integrate payments one by one with each payment channel or payment gateway. The ready-to-use Mayar system allows you to enter the market faster and iterate your products while saving costs.

Supports Various Payment Methods

No need to bother connecting payment gateways and payment channels one by one to your product. Mayar has done this for you, including maintenance and updates if there are changes to the API and new payment channels.

Create a Subscription Package, Determine the Billing Period, Price and Start Selling

You can quickly create a subscription package with Mayar. With integration support via API, makes integration easier and cuts a lot of development time

Customer Portal

Customer portal is a page for your customers where they can see their transaction history, invoices and subscriptions. You no longer need to build a customer portal for your product.

Subscribe button directly on your website

You can put the Subscribe button directly on your website without much effort. Simply copy-paste to embed the subscribe button.

Invite Prospective Customers via Chat and Social Media

You can easily invite potential customers via chat or social media by sharing a registration link via chat or placing a registration link on your social media profile.

Payment Reminder System

You no longer need to build a payment reminder system because Mayar already provides payment reminders for your customers

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