Mayar - Kelola pembayaran online untuk subscription, invoice, produk dan jasa super mudah


Does your business use a pre-order system? Mayar can help you make it easier for customers to pre-order.

Super Fast and Easy Checkout and Pre-Order Payment Links. Increase Your Conversions

Eliminate the factor that your customers don't join on the registration and checkout pages which have been discussed in full at

Install / Insert (Embed) Pre-Order Button directly on the Web or Blog

If you already have a website, landing page or blog for your product, you can easily place a Pre-Order button and pay directly there. No technical knowledge or coding required. Just copy and paste. Offer a direct ordering and payment experience on your website or blog without the need to move pages.

Accept Payments from Various Payment Channels

In Mayar, your customers can automatically pay from various payment channels and this will continue to grow over time. We're always trying to adopt new payment channels as soon as possible

Save and Manage Participant Data Easily + View Order and Payment History

Your customer data and transaction history are neatly arranged on the Mayar Dashboard. You can use this data for marketing and communication with your customers in the future

Export Data to Excel or CSV Format

All your data, including customer, product and transaction data, can be exported to Excel or CSV format at any time. No Lock-in data.

Invite Prospective Customers via Chat and Social Media

You can easily invite potential customers via chat or social media by sharing a pre-order link via chat or placing a pre-order link on your social media profile.

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