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Customer Portal

Customer portal is a page where your customers view transaction history, subscriptions, invoices, and re-download files that have been purchased. You don't need to bother building a customer portal because Mayar has provided a portal for your customers. Offer transparency and the best experience for your customers.

Customer Secure Login Using Magic-Link

Your customers don't need to register to get access to the portal, they only need to use the email used for transactions to log into the portal.

Transaction History

All transactions made by customers in your business are neatly recorded and can be accessed by them at any time. They can also download invoices independently through the portal

View Subscription Status

If your customer joins a subscription package, all of their subscriptions can be managed through this customer portal, starting from paying for the subscription to unsubscribing


Your customer can unsubscribe independently through the customer portal, simply by pressing the unsubscribe button

Updating Payment Methods

Your customers can update their subscription payment method via the portal

Viewing Bills

If there is a bill and your customer has missed the invoice email, they can view the bill and pay through the portal

Re-Downloading Purchased Digital Downloads

Your customers don't have to worry about losing access to digital download products that have been purchased. Customers can download again at any time through the customer portal.

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