Mayar - Kelola pembayaran online untuk subscription, invoice, produk dan jasa super mudah

Payment Request & Invoicing

Send invoices to clients or customers with one click. Bills are equipped with links and buttons to pay online easily, quickly and supports various payment methods. Automation for recurring bills is also hassle-free.

Email Payment Request

Send invoicing emails to clients / customers with one click. Emails sent also feature a direct payment button. Automatic recurring billing email for each set period.

Web Invoice

Web invoicing is available for your clients or customers who are more comfortable opening bills in a browser or cellphone

Pdf Invoice

Invoice pdf can be downloaded and printed easily. The document format has also adjusted to the standard company invoices in general.

Manage Client or Customer Data

Client data is neatly stored in the customer table, making finding customers easier with the search and filtering features

Tracking Invoice

Track your invoice whether it has been paid or not. Resend email or recharge if needed

Export Transaction and Customer Data To Excel or CSV

All client / customer data, billing and payments can be exported to excel or csv format easily

Share Billing Link to Clients Via Chat

If your customer doesn't use email, you can send an invoice just by sharing the bill payment link or the link to the invoice web.

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