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Simple Payroll

Paying employee salaries, including calculating taxes, benefits, BPJS and other salary components with ease. Save time and cost of processing payroll each month.

Simple HRIS (Employee Data)

Manage employee data including basic salary data, taxes, bpjs, contract dates, allowances and others that will become components of take home pay easily

Automatic Take Home Pay calculation

You don't have to worry about manually calculating every month using Excel to pay tens or even hundreds of employees

Send All Salary in One Click

Every month, you just need to press the pay salary button and all salaries will be sent automatically by the Mayar system

Employment Contract Validation

Employees who have expired their contract or working period will be automatically removed from the payroll system automatically

Verification and Confirmation

Each salary delivery, you can verify the amount for each employee and make corrections if there are input errors

Low Cost and Save Time

The cost of sending salaries to employees is low and most importantly it can save you time so you can focus back on the business


Automatically download payslips from the Mayar system, no need to make Manual Salary Slips anymore

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