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Website & Landing Page

Create a website or landing page for your product without coding, just click-and-drag, upload or use the provided template

Web / Landing Page Editor Without Coding (No-Code)

A landing page editor built for ease and speed, with just a drag-n-drop you can create a professional, well-designed, and responsive landing page (desktop and mobile still look great)

Various Ready-made Template Designs

If you want speed and an attractive design, Mayar has provided a variety of ready-to-use templates that you just need to edit the content and images for

Easily Install Various Content on Landing Pages

Starting from text, images, videos, animations and graphics, you can easily insert them into your landing page

SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

Easily manage various metadata for SEO such as title, keyword and description in Mayar

Responsive Auto Design

The appearance of your landing page will still look beautiful when viewed from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone

Fast Loading Landing Pages

With a static html system that is automatically generated and optimized, your landing page will load quickly by the browser

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