Mayar - Kelola pembayaran online untuk subscription, invoice, produk dan jasa super mudah

Online Course (On Demand)

Create your on-demand online course easily with Mayar. With complete components ranging from learning chapters, various types of materials: texts, videos, quizzes, meetings and attachments/files, payments to managing participants.

Online Class Webpage Automatically Created

The online class web page is automatically created to make it easier for you to do promotions and make it easier for prospective participants to see how the class curriculum is before deciding to buy

Set Limit of Number of Participants or Quota

Determine how much quota / qty of participants you allow. If you have reached the maximum quota, the registration link will be closed automatically. Can also be set to unlimited.

Set the Expiration Date of the Online Class Purchase Link

Determine how long the purchase link is active. It can also be set to be active forever.

Manage Participants, build email list

All participants who pay through Mayar will be grouped for easier management and analysis

Learning Chapter System and Various Types of Material

You can manage the content of each chapter and include various kinds of material ranging from text/reading material, videos, quizzes, meetings and attachments/files.

Export Transaction and Participant Data To Excel or CSV

Export all participant transaction data to excel and csv formats easily

Share Online Class Page / Checkout To Chat and Social Media

The Class Registration page is very easy to share either on social media or chat, so that prospective customers can go directly to the order page with one click from chat or social media.

Put the register button on your website or blog

If you already have a blog or website, you can install the register button directly on your website or blog just by copy-pasting, without technical knowledge and coding. Make it easy for your customers to register, checkout and pay directly from your website or blog without the need to switch pages. 

Direct Class Access After Paying

After participants pay, they can directly access the online class via the link sent via email and whatsapp

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