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Businesses trust us to process payments and provide the best experience for their customers. We always try to provide the best service and security for your business by implementing the best security system.


All data to and from Mayar is secured with 256-bit encryption. Our API and endpoint are TLS / SSL only.

Real-time Monitoring

Real time security monitoring allows us to respond quickly if there is an attack or data theft

Payment Information

We never store credit/debit card information on our servers. All payments are processed by the Payment Processor, where they have implemented the PCI Level 1 security system.

Continuous Backup

Every change in your data will be recorded and we backup it to several data-centers with data storage systems that are maintained.

Failover and DR

Mayar is designed to be a platform that is stable and reliable even for millions of transactions. We strive to maintain platform performance and mitigate system failures so as not to disrupt your business.

Two-Factor Auth

Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to validate users on your own system. Two-Factor (2FA) authentication systems are available for businesses that are still using passwords (coming soon).

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