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K / month

Payment Acceptance

+ mayar fee + channel fee
(Mayar Transaction fee and channel fees can be charged to customers)
  • All Payment Channel
  • Unlimited Customer
  • Unlimited Payment Request
  • Unlimited Payment Link
  • Unlimited Subscription Plan
  • Unlimited Physical Product
  • Unlimited Digital Download
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Webinar Product
  • Unlimited Cohort-Based Class
  • Unlimited Ebook
  • Unlimited Podcast & Audiobook
  • Unlimited Fundraising
  • 5 On-demand Online Course
  • Pay-Me Link
  • Simple Point of Sale
  • Send Mass Invoice
  • Installment System

Spend Management

Fixed transfer fee IDR 4k to local bank
  • Unlimited Vendor Contact
  • Unlimited Bill Payment
  • Unlimited Local Fund Transfer
  • Unlimited Payroll
  • Mass Fund Transfer


Modules that can be activated or deactivated according to your business needs
  • Unlimited Landing Page
  • Link Bio Social Media
  • Broadcast/Blast Email
  • Discount Code
  • Courier Integration
  • Shipping Label Integration
  • Pickup Service
  • Fee on Customer Option
  • Zapier Integration (3000+ App)
  • Upload Capacity 10Gb
  • Customer Portal




K / month

  • Everyting in Starter
  • 10 Member Affiliate
  • Unlimited Online Course (OD)
  • Unlimited Admin / User
  • Roles / User Access Setting
  • Analytics
  • Upload Capacity 50Gb
  • Custom Domain / Private Domain

Payment Acceptance

+ mayar fee + channel fee
(Mayar Transaction fee and channel fees can be charged to customers)

Spend Management

Fixed transfer fee IDR 4k to local bank



  • Everything in Business
  • 0% Mayar Transaction Fee
  • Business Flow Consultation
  • 100 Member Affiliate
  • Upload Capacity 100Gb
  • Website/App Integration
  • Data Migration Assistance
  • Priority Support
  • Headless Commerce Consultation

Payment Acceptance

+ mayar fee + channel fee

Spend Management

Fixed transfer fee IDR 4k to local bank

(*) Invitation Only

Process more than Rp 500 million per month? Contact Us to get special rate price.
You’ll also pay processing fees to our payment channel partner. Supported payment channel can be seen below. You can enable and disable each payment channel.

Mayar Platform Transaction Fee

Mayar Transaction fee can be charged to customers
Invoicing, PayMe, Simple POS & Pay Request1%0%0%
Payment Link, Physical Product, Webinar, Event, Coaching, Cohort-Based, Bundling1%0%0%
Digital Download, E-Book, Podcast, Audiobook2%1%0%
Fundraising, Online Course (OD), Travel Package, Accommodation Booking3%1%0%

Channel Fee

Channel Transaction fee can be charged to customers
Virtual Accounts (Transfer Bank)


Terima pembayaran dari berbagai bank secara otomatis dengan satu Virtual Account, tanpa harus memiliki banyak rekening.

Rp 4,500

Kartu Kredit


Pembayaran lokal dan internasional semakin mudah dengan kartu kredit atau debit dari Visa, MasterCard, JCB dan AMEX.

2.90% + Rp 2,000

Biaya belum termasuk pajak


Integrasi dengan e-wallet popular di Indonesia


QR Code (QRIS)


Satu QR Code untuk menerima pembayaran dari banyak aplikasi e-wallet di Indonesia


Direct Debit (Coming Soon)


Pembayaran langsung dari rekening bank pelanggan, dapat juga secara berkala tanpa perlu lagi OTP


Convenience Store (Mini Market)


Memudahkan pelanggan membayar dari jaringan mini market secara langsung tanpa harus memiliki rekening bank

Rp 5,000

Pay Later


Memfasilitasi pelanggan untuk membayar dengan cicilan

1.7% (Akulaku)
2.3% (Kredivo)

(*) Biaya channel belum termasuk PPN

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