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Money Transfer

 (International Transfer Coming Soon)

Transfer your funds to almost any local bank in Indonesia with ease. Hassle-free international fund transfers with low fees

Fund Transfer to Local Bank

Transfer funds to local banks directly in one application easily and quickly

International Transfer

Transfer your funds worldwide easily without any hassle and with low fees

Schedule Transfer

Schedule your fund transfer easily at Mayar, no need to worry about forgetting to transfer

Mass Transfer

Mass transfer to many destinations is easier, just upload the provided excel or CSV file

Transfer Destination Data

Transfer destination data is saved automatically, no need for manual input every time you want to transfer

Transfer Report

See where you transfer the most funds and see a breakdown of payment categories in real-time


You and the transferee will receive an automatic notification when the payment is successful

Transfer to E-Wallet (Top-Up)

Not only to the Bank, you can also transfer to E-Wallet directly from Mayar

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