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Selling Digital Downloads

Are you a writer, model, digital artist or digital creator and want to sell your work easily? Starting from Ebooks, Video Tutorials, E-Courses, Fonts, Presets, Applications, Templates, Comics, Videos and Audio Assets to Photo Collections, you can sell them through Mayar!

Super Fast Checkout. Direct Download Files. Increase Conversions.

Eliminate the factor of your customer not buying on the registration and checkout pages + with the automatic download feature when the customer has paid

Download tokenization

Eliminate the worry that your product download links are scattered on the internet. Only buyers have access to the link by tokenization method. The download link is also timed so it will expire after a certain time

Customer Portal

The customer portal is a page for your customers where they can view their transaction history, so they can re-download the products that have been purchased at any time.

Digital Downloads Catalog

You no longer need to build your own website if you have many products to sell, Mayar already provides a mobile-friendly catalog page. You can immediately focus on selling

Buy Button on Your Website or Blog

If you have your own website or blog for your product, you can use the Pay Mayar Button there just by copying and pasting without coding. With this button customers can buy and pay directly on your website / blog easily without the need to move pages.

Sell via Chat and Social Media

You can easily sell your products to potential customers via chat or social media by sharing a payment link via chat or placing a payment link on your social media profile.

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