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Corporate Debit Card

 (Coming Soon - Invitation Only)

Create multiple virtual debit cards to manage your business expenses, one card for facebook ads, one card for software, and so on. Create a card for each employee to manage and monitor expenses

Virtual Debit Card

Create as many cards as you need for various purposes or for each employee

Set Card Limit

Set card limits centrally to limit spending for each card and control expenses better

Merchant Filter and Usage Time

Choose which merchants can accept payments and set the allowed transaction times

Real-Time Card Usage Report

No need to wait for the end of the month to find out business expenses, with the integrated debit card you can monitor transactions instantly

Security and Convenience

Create new cards and block old cards in seconds, flexibility without compromising security

Worldwide Transactions

With a debit card that uses the Mastercard card network, you can easily pay for businesses in almost any country

Manage Subscriptions in One Platform

You don't have to worry anymore to login to your respective subscription account to unsubscribe, immediately deactivate the subscription you want via the Freeze Card feature

Connect to Google Pay and Apple Pay

Connect your card to Google Pay and Apple Pay for easy transactions at hand

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