Mayar - Kelola pembayaran online untuk subscription, invoice, produk dan jasa super mudah

Shipping Integration

No need to check postage and print manual labels anymore, everything can be done automatically using Mayar

Automated Shipping Calculation

Automatic shipping calculation according to the origin-destination, dimensions and weight of your product, no need to calculate manually anymore

Automatic Label Printing

No need to bother writing shipping addresses and labels anymore, using mMayar just one click to print a complete label with the recipient's name and address, reducing the risk of writing errors

Track Shipment

Track and track where your package has arrived directly from the Mayar dashboard. Your customers will also get a tracking code to track their packages.

Many Courier Options

Mayar has been integrated with various freight forwarders such as JNE, JNT, SiCepat, AnterAja, Wahana, ID Express, and many others.

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