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1-Click Checkout

Mayar 1-Click Checkout is a checkout page that has been powered with auto-fill data system, optimized for mobile and web with a focus on customer speed, convenience and conversion.

A good checkout experience is crucial and determines whether a potential customer will buy our products or not. Here's a blog you can read about how important a good checkout is to increase conversions from potential customers to customers.  Read blog

Conversion Optimized Checkout

Referring to the blog content above. Many factors cause customers not to buy your product at checkout. Mayar overcomes almost all of the checkout barriers to increase conversions

Super Fast Checkout - 1-Click

Mayar checkout has been optimized and simplified so that it only takes 1 step if customer already transacted in Mayar's merchant ecosystem, and takes less than 3 minutes.

Designed and Optimized for Mobile

With most of your prospective buyers accessing via mobile devices such as cellphones or tablets, Mayar optimizes the checkout page to make it fast and easy.

Customize Checkout Views

You can easily customize the checkout page design according to your brand, aligning your website or blog page and your checkout page.

Pay Button (Secure Checkout Directly on your Web / blog)

Mayar Checkout button can be attached or embedded (embed) into your website or blog page easily, without technical knowledge or coding. Make the paying experience on your website or blog easier for customers without the need to move pages.  


Mayar checkout security uses tokenization and RSA encryption. We also only work with payment gateways that already have 3D Secure and PCI DSS security

Various Payment Channels

Mayar Checkout supports various payment channels such as QRIS, Trnasfer Bank, Mini Market, E-Wallet (OVO, DANA, ShopeePay, LinkAja), Credit/Debit Card, and coming soon Cardless Credit (Kredivo)

Checkout Custom Field / Form

If your checkout / customer registration form requires data other than name, email and phone number, you can use the custom form feature to add forms as needed, for example adding addresses, postcodes, etc.

Discount Code and Coupon

Easily create discount programs and promo coupons for discounted prices for your products. Set the coupon validity period, the amount of the discount, and the discount code

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