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Social Media Link Bio

Create a micro-site that contains all your links in one web page. One link for all your links. Make it practical without being complicated, just drag-n-drop plus with complete features

No-code Bio Link Editor Page

Simple and easy-to-use Bio Link editor, just enter the link, set the design, and it's ready to launch

Bio Link Template with Stunning Design

There are various design templates that you can immediately use for personal or business

Customize the Design to Your Desires

If you like to create your own designs, Mayar has also provided various customization features that are very flexible and easy to use

Various Content for Your Bio Link

Starting from links to websites, social media, installing banner images, posting YouTube videos to selling your products in the marketplace, you can install them on your Bio Link page.

Responsive Auto Design

The appearance of your Bio Link will still look beautiful when viewed from a laptop, tablet or cellphone

Fast Loading Bio Link

With a static html system that is automatically generated and optimized, your bio link page will load quickly by the browser

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