Mayar - Kelola pembayaran online untuk subscription, invoice, produk dan jasa super mudah

Bill Payment

Pay your bills easily, just upload a PDF or upload an Excel/CSV file to pay multiple bills at once. Schedule payments and manage regular payments easily

Upload Pdf Invoice

Simply upload a pdf invoice, Mayar's AI system will detect the invoice, review the payment and click pay. Easy and fast invoice payment

Mass Invoice Payment

Want to pay multiple invoices at once? Just upload the provided excel or CSV file

Schedule Payment

Easily schedule invoice payments for specific dates in the future, avoid forgetting to pay invoices

Routine Invoice Payment

You can automate regular invoice payments so you don't have to repeat the same thing again

Vendor Data

Vendor data is saved automatically, no need for manual input every time you pay

Bill Payment Report

See which vendors receive the most payments and see a breakdown of payment categories in real-time


You and your vendor will be notified automatically when the payment is successful

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